Influenza Virus and Macrophage

Influenza A Infection in Macrophages

This diagram is a Petri Net model detailing the molecular interactions involved in the Influenza A Virus Infection of a Macrophage.

Souces for molecular interactions: Matsuoka et al. 2013, Iwasaki and Pillai 2014, Reactome, Raza et al. 2010, Everitt et al. 2012,Verhelst et al. 2012.

Parameterisation based on: Sidorenko and Reichl 2004Hatada et al. 1989, Shapiro et al. 1987.

Our model represents a single cell exposed to 10 virions of H1N1 Influenza A Virus for 6 minutes. This condition is simulated by introducing 10 input tokens, considered equivalent to 10 virions, for 2 time blocks (1 time block = 3 min).

In these conditions the expected viral progeny from a single inflammatory monocyte or non-primed macrophage is ~4E3 virions.

The dynamic accumulation of tokens in the model can be visualized using the simulation tool of Graphia Professional. The simulation is performed using a standard normal distribution of tokens, for 500 runs and 100 time blocks, which are equivalent to 5 hours of infection.

Influenza Virus and Macrophage pathway diagram

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