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With data and information on biological systems growing quickly, ordering this wealth of knowledge into models has become of paramount importance. This is particularly so in the case of the immune system where the sheer complexity of components, cells and stimuli that can activate or suppress its activity are a hindrance to advancing our understanding of infectious and inflammatory disease.

Virtually Immune is a resource that aims to support the graphical and computational modelling of immune pathways. The tools and resources presented here are primarily designed for biologists, both to use and to allow them to develop their own models of systems of interest to them.

Virtually Immune introduces:

  • a standardised system for presenting pathway knowledge
  • a user-friendly platform for modelling
  • pathway resources which capture and collate information from hundreds of papers
  • a platform for knowledge exchange within the scientific community

O’Hara, L. et al. Modelling the Structure and Dynamics of Biological Pathways. PLOS Biol. 14, e1002530 (2016).

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Assemble pathway knowledge from data or literature


Draw a pathway in yEd graph editor


Set initial parameters – place tokens


Simulate flow through pathway


Validate your simulation results experimentally

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